When it Hurts to Say No

Maybe I am the problem.Maybe the thing that brings me here has more to do with what I am doing than what I expect.Am I an enabler? Am I really the weak one that seems to always give in when instead I should say “no”? Maybe this is more about me.Maybe the thing they doContinue reading “When it Hurts to Say No”

Does Customer Service Matter Anymore?

I sold something using one of the venues on the internet but didn’t get my payment. Bummer. I did everything (I thought) right and shipped on time, etc. It was not a big sale but that is not the point. I expected something to happen if I did something correctly and in a timely manner.Continue reading “Does Customer Service Matter Anymore?”

How Do You Know?

How do I know if a story is true? It is told over and over again without the main points changing.The who….the what….the when…..the where….the important facts don’t change. The color of a thing may change from one person telling the story or a repeating of the story from the original story-teller, the temperature inContinue reading “How Do You Know?”

Just Like Me

I don’t want to …. I don’t feel like ….. I am too tired to….. I am not in the mood to…… I would rather…… I am afraid to….. I’m annoyed when…. I get sick of…… I wish that….. I don’t understand when….. SO WHAT IS ALL THE FIGHTING ABOUT?You are just like me. WeContinue reading “Just Like Me”

Did I forget to Kiss Him?

The door shut and then he was off for his morning walk. I think I forgot to kiss him good-bye even though he will be back in half an hour. We have a very good marriage. I know he knows that I love him. Sometimes I am sitting at the computer when he leaves andContinue reading “Did I forget to Kiss Him?”