Timely Message Delivered Twice – is God telling me something?

It has been a while since I was pregnant with any of my children, but if you have ever been fortunate to be in this situation, do you remember all the pregnant women you would see at the market or at the shopping malls or libraries? You would swear that there was a boom goingContinue reading “Timely Message Delivered Twice – is God telling me something?”

What is Meditation?

When I see photos of people standing with arms reaching to the heavens, or sitting in cross-legged positions, I am told by the captions or titles, meditation is being exhibited. Arms may be outstretched and palms upwards as if to catch a falling leaf (or in my case, this time of year cottonwood) drifting downwardContinue reading “What is Meditation?”

Someone Better Tell Them

All my life I have been called direct, which can come across as being harsh or rude. I am trying to be more patient, peaceful, quieter in my spoken word. I catch myself covering my mouth and walking away at least in apologetic reform when I catch things in time. Learning….growing…never ends even when youContinue reading “Someone Better Tell Them”

Drippings from a Beating Heart

Soon these days of sadness and lonliness will be over and we will be able to enjoy the things we used to do in years before 2020. This will be a year to remember, but one we will want to forget. A NEW YEAR is coming! I am happy for NEW BEGINNINGS! It gives meContinue reading “Drippings from a Beating Heart”

Ask the Giver of all Things

Dear Lord Jesus, Give me a little hope and encouragement, for our uncertain future in the times we live. Give me courage and strength, to stand up against evil, even when it isn’t popular to do so. Give me a little wisdom, to answer hard questions, not welcomed, but may save a life. Give meContinue reading “Ask the Giver of all Things”