Where is This Leading?

It would be nice if I could just put a question out there and have it answered for me. I feel like I am getting nowhere, and then, when I get there (nowhere), I am back again (nowhere). Stages of life can be slow or fast. Does this sound like your situation? Retirement years haveContinue reading “Where is This Leading?”

Drippings from a Beating Heart

Soon these days of sadness and lonliness will be over and we will be able to enjoy the things we used to do in years before 2020. This will be a year to remember, but one we will want to forget. A NEW YEAR is coming! I am happy for NEW BEGINNINGS! It gives meContinue reading “Drippings from a Beating Heart”

A Hand Reaching Out

What do I have to share? My story…my experience. Sure…I would have done things differently, knowing now what I didn’t know then.Can I make something good out of this mess I left behind. The messy black mark on mytimeline of my life? I hope so…if not….what good am I? I must not keep this wisdomContinue reading “A Hand Reaching Out”

Tell Me What I Did…Hanging on to Hope

Round and round it goes again, these thoughts twirling in my head.Do I write, do I call, should I send a gift, or unannounced, just drop in?Should I set my hopes aside and think of others at this time…even if it means forever? This may be the life I must now live, in this lifetimeContinue reading “Tell Me What I Did…Hanging on to Hope”

Someone is Coming…Expectations

I like surprises. Just stop by. My heart is always expecting you! Don’t tell me you might be here soon…someday you will come.Someday we will take that walk we promised or share a meal. Please don’t put a date out …to tell me when you will be in town.Should I mark my calendar in pencilContinue reading “Someone is Coming…Expectations”