Fashion Doll Clothes

Fashion Doll Clothes for
Your 9″, 10″ & 11″ doll

Barbie/Skipper/Elsa/Princess dolls

“I get such a kick out of making these doll clothes for the smaller dolls like Barbie and Skipper. At first, I was intimidated because I work more with larger items such as cushions.”~~CS

  • short skirt with waistband
  • long sleeve jacket pink
  • barbie doll dress with belt
  • knit top for Barbie doll
  • short sleeve Barbie doll dress-orange
  • pink jacket with snaps and grey knit pants-Barbie clothes
  • black skirt dress with lime top and belt
  • fashion doll clothes for Barbie and Skipper - 8 inch - 10 inch dolls
  • floral pants white T-shirt

Products on sale:

Sewing on the snaps is tedious work, but I find myself enjoying it!
I used to love my hand embroidery and still do when I get the chance to spend time on it, so it is a similar handiwork.

It motivates me to think your child might get to enjoy some of these outfits, in my collection, carefully made for them!

Fashion dolls’ playtime is the most fun when there are many outfits to choose from. It is fun to interchange outfits, making many new ones, from just a few selections.

All my outfits have snaps sewn on very securely. I have reinforced the seams, so they don’t rip out when your child puts them on and off. Working with knits is a better choice for me to use, but this selection in my store is one of my “first” attempts.

I used new and reused fabrics from other knit tops I found in thrift stores or yard sales. Seams are mostly overcast so that they won’t fray, and designs are modest dress and mostly informal wear.

I don’t know why I don’t take the time and make more. I hope that I will, now that I have my store open. Knowing me, I will want to make sure all the links will work for you, so you have a nice shopping experience.

I hope to add purses, backpacks, computer bags, and the like and hats. I’m learning how to make doll shoes! I need to find the right glue for these, but I found many patterns. Coming soon!

We will see what develops as I take the time to get creative.

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