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Marketing is what I do. Not for a living. Not as a profession. I believe my head just keeps spinning with new ways and ideas to either save a dollar or make a dollar. I admit, one thing is easier for me than the other.

I do not enjoy shopping, unless online. I stay out of traffic at all costs unless I am going for groceries or on my way to see a grand child.
So there you go….”SAVE A DOLLAR”….on gas.

Here are some ideas to help you SAVE a dollar, generally speaking:

1) Do your own cooking.
People eat out or grab fast food more from habit than necessity. DARE to make a meal on your own. Recipes can be found online. Food and supplies can be shipped to your door and you will still save in the cost of restaurant food and a tip, plus the gas you use to get there.

If you dread the thought of cooking, purchase a crockpot. All you need do is wash and cut up your meat, add some veggies, seasoning, and a can of cream soup, veggie soup or any plus a bit of water to make the broth. Set on low and go for 5-8 hours and dinner is ready.

Sometimes any meal I make will feed 4-6 adult servings. It depends.
Cook at least 3 meals a week, multiplied by 2 (leftovers) you get 6 meals. Some you can freeze. We make fun of the money we saved when we sit down to dinner. We can eat for not more than $ 5.00 a plate sometimes even less! Does that motivate you?

2) Do your own cleaning.
Do you need to hire a housekeeper once a week? How about monthly instead? Could you live with that? Some people could not.

As I get older and my eyes don’t seem to see the cobwebs like I used to I get a little frustrated. My home used to be more tidy and more vacuuming was going on weekly than nowadays.

I accept the fact of turning older and try to just break down the housework by doing only one room a day and forget the rest, temporarily. I am too frugal to hire someone to come out and we don’t entertain. We live in a home that is manageable too. So, you have that. My needs are different than someone else I realize.

3) Reuse and repurpose things instead of buying brand new
I made a barbecue grill cover from an old car cover my husband was going to throw into the landfill. I am lucky to have had the skill and ambition to do that but keeping our grill covered has kept it in shape for over 20 years now. Sound ridiculous? It’s true.

I installed a zipper in a nice wool plaid fall jacket that I wear when I tend our bonfires. The coat is my husband’s and the zipper I used was ripped out of an old raincoat that deteriorated because it was made of cheap plastic that broke down in the heat.

I am fortunate to be able to sew, make alterations and create new things out of old, to preserve still good – good enough things we use. I am planning on letting my husband buy a new grill at the end of the season. I figure every twenty years is enough time for him to wait for such things

4) Color your own hair
What? Are you crazy? No, I am not. You can go to the beauty shop once in a while, sure, I get it and I have. But instead of weekly or monthly, could you give up a month to do it yourself if you only need a color. It is not as hard as it sounds.

I don’t recommend the retail stores’ colors they have boxed on shelves. I highly recommend I have used their products multiple times and always color my own hair. It lasts and is salon-quality. The price is affordable.

Here are some ideas to help you MAKE a dollar, generally speaking:

I admit, I am not as good as creating income as I am saving. Mom worked from home, but Dad did find ways to make side cash from his full-time line of work. I may have learned some things from the both of them.

1) Look for things around the house to sell.
You can sell things online, have a sale from your yard, drop things off for consignment sales, make or bake things to sell with a portion going for a charitable event or auction.

There are places online that won’t take anything for your sale of an item under a certain dollar amount. Neighborhood sites, craigslist, and some social media sites. You can open an online store but then you have to consider the fees involved with the transactions and set-ups.

2) Learn a skill and then promote yourself
Make flyers or put out an announcement or ad to promote your new skill you have to offer to help someone. People are looking for lawncare, pet grooming, house-cleaning, office-cleaning, painters, alteration specialists, computer repairs, elder-care, babysitting.

You can take an online course, learn from a mentor, volunteer at a petstore or animal shelter, volunteer at a nursinghome, office, weed someone’s garden, shovel snow.

Opportunities to serve are everywhere and they can open a door for you to earn money. You may never know if you like something unless you volunteer and work at it. It is how I came to enjoy some of my first jobs where I gained employment.

3) Teach a class
There is something you have to offer someone and people will pay for what it is you can teach them if it is of any value. Sometimes you can’t wait to have a teaching certificate or the right studio or equipment in order to get started teaching someone.

I wanted to be a teacher but my parents told me college was not an option for me so I went to vocational school. Dental Assisting was my trade and I enjoyed it for years, but still had my heart on teaching.

One day I gave notice and quit my job to start a daycare from my home. I made sure all my necessary start-up credentials and home inspection was in order first. My heart was set and I loved it! I did daycare, acting more like a preschool teacher (field trips and all) and very organized, until my children were grown.

A year ago, I took in some sewing students. I set up the room on our porch and they brought their own sewing machines. It was not extravagant, but it did bring in a little income for me. You can teach at JoAnn’s too but that didn’t pay enough for me. Also, I would have to drive there (LOL!).

The problem with most people are that they tell themselves they can’t or couldn’t or shouldn’t do something. They feel they aren’t qualified or their home isn’t fancy enough or they want to keep their privacy.

Most people are afraid to step out of their own box. It is too comfortable. We all have the ability to earn and if not, the ability to save and that can go a long way if you do it long enough.

All the best!

For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7)

By cushn4

Now retired from my sewing business yet all about the business of serving my family and creating things to sell in my store. I love to have some purpose left in me. I hope I can encourage others and bring the light of Jesus most of all to this dark world.

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