Multi-color Print Pillow Cushion Cover with Piping and Zipper-22 inch-Custom Made in USA


Spotted Hex Print Pillow, 22″ x 22″, zippered, welt, custom made in USA
Includes polyester insert. Shipping and handling built into price.

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Multi-color Print -Spotted Hexagons- Welt/Piping and zipper
Custom Made in the USA


Size:  22″ x 22″

Details:    contrast welt, nylon zipper, contrast back fabric
welt (piping) made of soft cotton-not plastic sometimes used by manufactured pillows

Fabric: washable, 100% cotton

Colors: creme, teal, seafoam, lime, light green, medium brown

Zipper: polyester – flap closure application

Insert not included but can be added for you.

Shipping and handling are included.

“All my covers are made by me. No outsourcing. Smoke-free environment and preserved in plastic while awaiting to ship my products. My seams are reinforced and overcast so that you won’t get frays from a thread after many washings. Your seams won’t break open like the factory-made products on the market. Fabrics I choose are durable or high-end goods donated to me or found new at yard sales or thrift stores as I am very frugal. I have over 40 years working with fabrics and sewing for customers. I can help you find what you need if you don’t find it in my store.”~~ Cathy Silverberg

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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