Short-sleeve Dress-for Barbie/Skipper Doll-Made in USA


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Short-sleeve Dress-for Barbie/Skipper Doll-Made in USA
Mid length-above the knee dress. Snaps on back.


My doll clothing is very “snappy”!  I prefer installing my snaps, even though hand sewn in.
2 snaps in back to open. Safely secured. My snaps won’t come undone from minimal play time use.

(Manufacturers sew in velcro strips on the backs of doll clothes, to save on their cost to make the product. Hand sewing in a snap is more costly.
However, these pieces sewn in, by manufacturers, frequently come loose. Because of this, I say manufactured goods, are a poor product to buy, in comparison to my doll clothes.)

Short-sleeved, cotton seersucker fabric, orange with polka-dots.
Top stitching, neat hems and neckline.

Reinforced seams where used where I felt they were needed and overcast seams.
Roll over hems on sleeves and bottom of top. Reinforced seams at underarms, overcast edges of seams.

This outfit has two snaps in the back for ease of use for your child but may need help getting arms in as they are typically stiff with these dolls.
More tops like this one can be made if needed. I will be adding more options of prints, for this product.
Contact me if you have a special request.

“My clothing is not perfect as I am just getting started learning how to sew these tiny things but
I do have tiny hands at play in mind, as I make them carefully.” ~~Cathy Silverberg

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