Pink floral nightgown for doll- 12 inch-Doll Clothes-Handmade in USA -Shipping Included


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Pink floral nightgown for a doll- Doll Clothes-Fits 12″ Dolls
Handmade in the USA-Includes Shipping

“My doll clothing is made with tender love and care for the children you love in mind.”~~CS


A rolled hem was used on sleeves, back opening, and hem. The neckline has a neat casing.
Installed are 3 snaps in the back. My snaps are sewn in securely.

(Unlike the manufacturers who sew on velcro strips, I use snaps when a closure is needed.
The rough plastic hooks on velcro can snag fabrics if they accidentally get hung up on them.)

Open-sleeved gown. 100% Cotton fabric used.

Reinforced seams were used, especially under the arms.

More tops like this one can be made if needed. I will be adding more options of fabrics for this product.
Contact me if you have a special request.

“My doll clothing is not expertly made yet. I am still learning, but I have so much fun creating these! ~~CS

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TIP:   (Why handmade goods like my doll clothes are a great gift!)
Hand-sewing in a snap is more costly for manufacturers, but I like the work.
My experience with manufactured goods is that small parts sewn on, like snaps, beads, or hooks, frequently come loose after minimal use.
Manufactured goods are put together quickly where my doll clothes are built with great attention to every detail.


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