Two-Tone Jacket – Fits 8 -10 Inch Barbie/Skipper Doll -Custom Made in USA


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Two-in-one Jacket with white top- fits your 8″ – 10″ Barbie doll or Skipper.

Custom made by me.
Snaps in front to open.Safely secured so they won’t come undone with only a few attempts like those
you buy from a retail shop….oh, they use velcro (hook and loop) closures. Easier for manufacturers to sew these quickly in.

Long-sleeved, cotton fabric.

Reinforced seams where needed and overcast seams.
The white knit part of the jacket does not come off. It is however, why I called it two toned.
I was not sure the proper term to use.


“My clothing is not perfect as I am just getting started learning how to sew these tiny things but
I do have tiny hands at play in mind, as I make them carefully.” ~~Cathy Silverberg

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