Embroidered Floral Decorative Pillow Cover with zipper – 22″-Made in USA


Embroidered Floral Decorative Pillow, 22″ x 22″, zippered, custom made in USA
Shipping included.

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Embroidered Floral Decorative Pillow – 22″ x 22″-Custom made
Textured fabric on back – zippered


Size:  22″ x 22″

nylon zipper-flap closure, contrast textured back fabric

Fabric: dry clean only

Colors: tan, teal, turquoise, lime, golden tan, golden brown

Insert not included but can be ordered for you.

Shipping included.

“All my covers are made by me. No outsourcing. Smoke free environment and preserved in plastic while awaiting to ship my products. My seams are reinforced and overcast so you won’t get frays from thread after many washings. Your seams won’t break open like the factory made products on the market. Fabrics I choose are durable or high end goods donated to me or found new at yard sales or thrift stores as I am very frugal. I have over 40 years working with fabrics and sewing for customers. I can help you find what you need if you don’t find it in my store.”~~ Cathy Silverberg

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