Denim Navy Blue Vest-18 inch doll clothes-Handmade in USA -Shipping Included


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Denim Navy Blue Vest- Doll Clothes-Fits 18″ Dolls
Handmade in the USA-Includes Shipping

Fits Dolls like Our Generation/American Doll/18-inch dolls

“My doll clothing is made with tender love and care. I have grandchildren of my own who like to dress up their dolls.”~~CS


Very plain and simple denim navy vest for your 18″ doll.

I used reinforced seams at the sides.
I used rolled hems all around the vest, including armholes, neck, and center front.
Zig-zag stitching was used at side seams.

More vests like this one can be made if needed. I will be adding more fabric options for this product in the future.
Contact me if you have a special request.

“My doll clothing is not perfected yet. I do have so much fun creating these! I think of the tiny hands that may be playing with them one day.
I consider the small pieces by sewing them on securely.”

Price includes your shipping.


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TIP:   (Why handmade goods like my doll clothes are a great gift!)
Hand-sewing in a “snap” is more costly for manufacturers, but I like the work.
My experience with manufactured goods is that the small parts are sewn on, like snaps, beads, or hooks, frequently come loose.
Manufactured goods generally are low quality made because they are put together quickly.


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