Totes- Handmade in the USA

Handmade totes- simple designs made in the USA exclusively by me. I use durable goods. Stitching is reinforced and details are added so straps,pockets and zippers are sewn on securely. I guarantee your satisfaction!

I use fabrics that are commonly used for medium to heavy duty purposes. The lining may be of lighter weight but typically I stay away from quilting weight fabrics. I am particular what I will choose for a tote.

Totes on sale in my store are of various sizes. Most will have pockets, some with multiples of pockets. Some pockets will be zippered.

My totes are pretty simplistic in design. No frills or added hardware to bring the cost of my totes up. They are handy bags to have and you can never have enough of these to carry your items to the car, your home or office. They are ideal if you have to travel.

For me, my totes are used to carry books to my grandchildren’s homes if I am to babysit. For the older kids I might carry a game or sets of markers, playdough or modeling clay.

I have a vinyl tote (not one I made) I use as a giant lunch sack for snacks, juice bottles, bags of apples or oranges. Extra totes can be left in your car for trips to the grocery store. You will never have to bag your groceries again using their bags.

Some of my totes are washable. Most of the linings are not secured down and can be inverted and washed by hand over the sink. The out shell would be wiped with a cloth to clean. Because multiple fabrics are used, they all have different shrinking properties so it is safest to just wipe clean or dry clean.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my store!

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