Just Like Me

I don’t want to ….

I don’t feel like …..

I am too tired to…..

I am not in the mood to……

I would rather……

I am afraid to…..

I’m annoyed when….

I get sick of……

I wish that…..

I don’t understand when…..

You are just like me. We both have feelings and misunderstandings.

It is called HUMANITY! Let’s get along….today….one day at a time.
Can we live in peace?

We don’t each have to have our way do we?
How about we take turns?

Our children are watching!

By cushn4

Now retired from my sewing business yet all about the business of serving my family and creating things to sell in my store. I love to have some purpose left in me. I hope I can encourage others and bring the light of Jesus most of all to this dark world.

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