Handmade in the USA by me Hand-Puppets. Made-to-Order item. Special Order only.

I use my supply of upholstery fabrics and supplies in my workroom to construct each puppet upon request. The two shown here can be made for you by special order. Contact me and I can set up a custom order for you.

I have more photo views of these puppets upon request. I did not use a pattern but created these on my own. Not to be duplicated.

Rhino Hand-puppet
chamelion puppet
  • Polyester filled
  • durable upholstery fabric
  • lined puppet
  • felt
  • stiff plastic vinyl insert in tongue
  • top-stitching
  • satisfaction guaranteed
  • any creature or type of 3 dimensional puppet may be able to be made – it depends on the details and design
  • allow 3-4 weeks to make your puppet
  • contact me to place an order

I started making puppets for my grandchildren because I remember loving to play with puppets when I was a young child. It is funny how some have no interest at all in them and others adore them.

I find that most children who love stuffed animals tend to enjoy puppets. Creative play is encouraged when they are with me and I get to babysit.

I have a workroom full of fabrics that were mostly used for upholstery and home decor purposes, leftover from when I was heavily into my sewing business. I made cushions and covers. These durable goods make good fabrics to use for puppets because children can cause a lot of wear and tear on things when they play.

I have also made puppets from used stuffed animals as shown with the hippopotamus puppet.

Special Offer for Teachers of Pre-K including those Home-Schooling Young Children.

If you are a teacher for younger students and pre-schoolers or have young home-schoolers at home let me know. I would love to send you a free gift as a sample of my work.

Just fill out my contact form on my contact page and let me know about your students and your wish list.

I have made many different kinds of things for creative play for kids but they are not all shown on my website. One most recent for our daughter’s Kindergarten classes were aprons (pictured below), hot pads (pictured below), table cloths, and soon some used dolls of mine I don’t need to be fashioned with new doll clothes.

Kids Aprons – Various Fabrics Used – No two alike
Hot pads for kitchen play time for kids – various – no two alike

Thank you for taking the time to visit my shop!

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