Drippings from a Beating Heart

Soon these days of sadness and lonliness will be over and we will be able to enjoy the things we used to do in years before 2020. This will be a year to remember, but one we will want to forget. A NEW YEAR is coming!

I am happy for NEW BEGINNINGS! It gives me hope. We all get a clean slate, each new day God gives us.

Some of us cry almost daily. Maybe not always floods of tears, sometimes just a trickle, a drip…drip….dripping as if I have a leak at the bottom of our hearts.
I wonder if God feels like crying when he looks at some things we do to others and to his creation. Maybe he just turns his head and knows that such things would be possible, when he made us with free will.

I can be happy when I think, that in spite of my mistakes, God loves me just as much as the day I was created in my mother’s womb. Although he hates sin, He knew full well what I would become. He is ever calling me closer to him.

Should I have never failed, I wonder if I would have thought I would ever need him.
Pride may have taken me to a darker place.

Keep me humble Lord. Provide what I need but not too much. Don’t let anything
I do ever be more consuming to me, than the time I spend with you.

Help me Lord to love others.
Especially those that are hardest for me to get along with or even tolerate.
I am sure I have made others feel the same toward me. Help me Lord to be kind.

Help me to choose my friends and those I spend time with wisely. Help me realize which people in my life, I need to let go of. Give me wisdom.

Thank you for my husband. Help me see the good he brings to our marriage and my life.
Thank you God for reminding me to have a thankful heart. A heart of praise and a
desire to read and learn from your Word. Music and loud praise will send the enemy
to flight.

You are an awesome GOD!

“Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth; break forth into joyous song and sing praises!” (Psalm 98:4)

By cushn4

Now retired from my sewing business yet all about the business of serving my family and creating things to sell in my store. I love to have some purpose left in me. I hope I can encourage others and bring the light of Jesus most of all to this dark world.

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