Courage Isn’t Fearless

Courage walks alone.
It does not hide behind groups or cliques or gangs.

Courage speaks it’s own mind, not mimicking others.
Some may follow and be inspired, but only it’s convictions,
guide a person of courage.

Courage is not boisterous or obnoxious to gather attention to itself.
It does one small act, to hold fast the ground it loves so dear, it’s ideals.

Courage does not mean there is no fear.
It moves in spite of fear, it carries on inspite of the odds that may be against it.

Courage thinks of others.
It is always looking to the future which holds a greater purpose for which it stands.

Courage is always honorable.
God is behind a man or woman of courage. Truth is it’s sword.

Courage can be found in Kings and Generals and Presidents.
But the greatest courage ever found since man was formed, was born in a manger.

Courage had a humble beginning, one Christmas long ago.
It has a victor’s crown, an everlasting power, offered to us all.

Take courage, dear children, and make a decision today.
Open your heart to courage, it promises a fulfilling life’s purpose and meaning.

Only with Jesus, is courage truly tested.

“As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.”
(Joshua 1:5)

By cushn4

Now retired from my sewing business yet all about the business of serving my family and creating things to sell in my store. I love to have some purpose left in me. I hope I can encourage others and bring the light of Jesus most of all to this dark world.

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