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These are just some of the many perennial flowers surrounding our home. I forgot what they are called.
my son's pillow I made for him and his Ukelele
22″ handmade pillow with embossed print fabric
One grandchild was born a premie. His is now 8 years old and enjoying soccer.

I sew for fun, not profit. All proceeds go to help fund organizations that support freedom for the American way of life and the unborn.

I enjoy having an online store directly from my own website even though it is harder to get traffic to it. I am not on platforms that use censorship towards Christian Conservatives.

I need to add more inventory but appreciate your time to browse my store and offer feedback.

Minnesota is my home. We have many grandchildren we enjoy. Only one is out of state we can’t visit, against my wishes. I pray for him to be restored to us one day.

I love my flower gardens and most are perennials otherwise grown from seed I save each new year.

I appreciate you taking the time to visit!

There are several ways to get in touch with me:

  • Email -cathy@hangingon2hope.com
  • Text/Call – 651-245-0644
  • Write – Cathy Silverberg
    4980 126th St N
    Saint Paul, MN 55110
  • Social Media:
    Gettr – CathySilverberg@Hangingon2HOPE

    Gab – CathySilverberg@Hangingon2HOPE
  • Please fill out the form below if you would rather reach me this way:

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