Is There a Disconnection?

I tried to sign in to my computer today and for some reason my keyboard was not letting me type in my password. I’ve been paranoid about many things lately, so the first thing that came to my mind was that my computer was hacked. I can be very provocative and cause disruptions between peopleContinue reading “Is There a Disconnection?”

What Good is a Tool ? They are only as good as the user.

There are so many tools we can use to help us with just about anything around the home or office. I found Sticky Notes on my computer! My husband always talked about sticky notes he used to use at work.He is a list maker, so go figure. Me, it is all in my head. ItContinue reading “What Good is a Tool ? They are only as good as the user.”

To the Graduate

It’s a big day.New roads, new decisions to make, new friends to meet…You get to decide where you will go and who you will become…Your character will be built upon each promise you keep, every appointment you schedule, every word spoken to those who consider you for a position or opportunity. Will you take risksContinue reading “To the Graduate”

I Feel More Alive Under Pressure

With all the messages out there telling people how to relax and unwind, I have had enough of that lately. I work best and am happiest when I am handling a big project and have a deadline to meet that is fast approaching. I have been missing all the business of being busy. I likeContinue reading “I Feel More Alive Under Pressure”

What’s Next on My Empty Agenda?

It is nice when I have the house to myself and I no longer have to go to a place where I am employed. Retirement has many blessings if you prepare for it. It also can be too quiet. There is nothing to watch on television worthwhile these days, so my husband and I enjoyContinue reading “What’s Next on My Empty Agenda?”