Trying To Find My Next Thing

We all need a vacation from being too busy, but I have been wanting to get back to doing something, for far too long. This is the dilemma I am finding myself in, now that I am retired. So what have I been trying out this time, you might ask? As the season of planting…… Continue reading Trying To Find My Next Thing

White Clouds on the Horizon

I love an overcast day, but a rainy day is my absolute favorite.Thunder-storming and all the excitement of a lit up sky from lightening is exhilarating for me. You are in the thick of something incredible happening in the heavens giving gifts to the earth.Did you know that thunder and lightening help make plants grow?…… Continue reading White Clouds on the Horizon

Influence – What we Leave Behind

My husband and I enjoy visiting graveyards when we visit small towns in America. We think about the historical markers and the lives that were lived and what things might have been like. Living in those times gone by, I realize, how hard some things must have been. I find, in some ways, how lucky…… Continue reading Influence – What we Leave Behind

Is There a Disconnection?

I tried to sign in to my computer today and for some reason my keyboard was not letting me type in my password.I’ve been paranoid about many things lately, so the first thing that came to my mind was that my computer was hacked. I can be very provocative and cause disruptions between people reading…… Continue reading Is There a Disconnection?

What to do When the Rains Don’t Come

We are going through a drought period here in Minnesota this summer. The forecast for the next 10 days also tells us no rain. We have a well, but even wells are running dry so we are limiting our watering time for our yard and gardens, yet, I know I can’t neglect my tomatoes and…… Continue reading What to do When the Rains Don’t Come

When it Hurts to Say No

Maybe I am the problem.Maybe the thing that brings me here has more to do with what I am doing than what I expect.Am I an enabler? Am I really the weak one that seems to always give in when instead I should say “no”? Maybe this is more about me.Maybe the thing they do…… Continue reading When it Hurts to Say No

To the Graduate

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It’s a big day.New roads, new decisions to make, new friends to meet…You get to decide where you will go and who you will become…Your character will be built upon each promise you keep, every appointment you schedule, every word spoken to those who consider you for a position or opportunity. Will you take risks…… Continue reading To the Graduate

An Expected Do-Over

PROCESSING THE ORDER: I took the easy way.I took the shortcut.I was overconfident about the outcome.I have done this before so many times so doing it this way I can complete the job faster. I can deliver the goods to my customer sooner this way. DELIVERY DAY: Oh no, it didn’t fit. I was off…… Continue reading An Expected Do-Over