White Clouds on the Horizon

I love an overcast day, but a rainy day is my absolute favorite.
Thunder-storming and all the excitement of a lit up sky from lightening is exhilarating for me. You are in the thick of something incredible happening in the heavens giving gifts to the earth.
Did you know that thunder and lightening help make plants grow?

I thought I read that somewhere but don’t quote me.

I understand how too much rain, can cause flooding. We have seen year after year the aftermath of such perilous times for some people suffering at the hand of these turbulent acts of nature.

Floods have been going on since the time of Noah, although maybe not as many floods so close together, as recently.

I believe we are living in the end times, as described by the prophets in the bible, written by men but inspired by God.

A cloudy day, with sun shining behind and beyond the clouds makes such a picturesque view. I remember lying in the grass with dad and I picked out shapes found from the clouds formations. It was a fun game we played.

We watched as the wind would change the shapes and form something else. It was as though God was assembling and disassembling the clouds before our eyes just so the entertainment would go on for us.

I bet God took delight in those moments I shared with my dad.

Clouds are a promise to bring rain if they fill up enough and get so full they darken to grey and then, greyer still. Finally, you feel a drop on your cheek or see a wet spot on the sidewalk or car windshield, one, then another.

Clouds too are a welcome shade from the sun on a blistering hot day when you want to pull some weeds in your garden but didn’t get up early enough to do it.

My faith and my life experience tell me what is true, clouds bring rain. Just assuredly as truth is found in God’s word.

Truth is as clear as the sky is blue on a cloudless, sunshiny day for some. Unless you live in places like communist China, where polluted air clouds your view of the sun, and the truth is blocked or canceled by censorship, keeping you a prisoner, truth is hidden from you.

Only divine intervention, through prayer and fasting, can there be a breakthrough for some, so the truth is made known.

God’s Word is the only place you will find the truth that can not be stricken by man’s philosophical, scientific, political, or social ideas or agendas. His Word always stands and has not changed for thousands of generations.

Clouds to me are a symbol of hope, yet to another, who sees a glass half empty, a worry that their day for an outing might be ruined. “Oh no, I hope it doesn’t rain!” they lament.

For me, I think pulling weeds in a light drizzle makes the job easier. But then, I am a gal who sees the glass half full!

Let the clouds come.

You have been a refuge for the poor, a refuge for the needy in their distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat.” (Isaiah 25:4)

Published by cushn4

I like to write for the pure enjoyment of writing short excerpts about life in general. I would want my writing to bring inspiration or encouragement to the faint-hearted or those looking for some direction, purpose, or meaning. I am searching daily for what it is God wants me to do and who he wants me to become. It is a growing pain for me. We all have something new we can learn and share with others.

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