What Good is a Tool ? They are only as good as the user.

There are so many tools we can use to help us with just about anything around the home or office.

I found Sticky Notes on my computer!

My husband always talked about sticky notes he used to use at work.
He is a list maker, so go figure. Me, it is all in my head. It is better though to write things down that you want to accomplish. The more detail the better.

Here we go again, I am talking about being organized. It seems I run into this issue every quarter. I have to admit though, life changes and transitions do bring about a need for change in how we do things sometimes. For me, retirement has made me rethink about my sewing business and how busy I want to be.

I am not good at making lists and setting goals other than I know what is in my head. But all these thoughts are mixed in with so many other thoughts in my head too. I must sort them out, organize them and decide what it is I really need to accomplish. Writing a list helps you to focus and remember. It moves these thoughts forward in your brain, so to speak, making them a priority. They become your dominant thoughts.

I have gone many times to the grocery store and forgot the “list” but because I had written it down, everything was recalled from my brain. I guess when you write down something it must register to some part of your brain and make an impression.

Notes on the computer are not as good as a handwritten note but if I can get in the habit of looking at the list and following through with what I have written, that is the goal I have set, and will be happy.

I was up late last night, once again, trying to organize my sewing workroom. It is the size 10′ x 12′ I suppose. But, I have another room I use for extra storage. I want this room to become my guest bedroom and compile anything sewing-related to my already cramped area. However, I am down-sizing since retiring from the bigger scale projects. I do still want to sew and manage and operate my website and store.

I was up until midnight but not before saying a prayer. I asked God to help me get through this. I tend to get distracted so I have to work hard on focus and direction when undergoing a project, especially if it has many parts to it. I really do believe that prayer worked. I threw away things I never thought I would but realized that they were useless for my purpose.

I usually give things away or set them by the side of the road if I can’t find someone close by that I know. I take a photo and post a
free ad. Sometimes though, pretty useless things can sit there awhile and the time it takes to go through all these steps is a little ridiculous. I am not up to having a yard sale. I know schools take things too for the kids for crafts. That bag is set aside for them as I add to it.

So, I will see how Sticky Notes work for me. I think it would be better that I write things down. Still, I am going to really put my best foot forward on this one this time. How much time do I think I have?

It only takes twenty days to form a habit. I will see if I can do this for twenty days, look at and take action steps, from my sticky notes.

If I think of the outcome, what I want and what I want to see, I am motivated. The more emotion you can put into the outcome, it helps you be motivated as well. I should cut out a photo of a pretty guest bedroom and look at it every day. But prayer breaks through strongholds so never neglect to pray if messiness or clutter or what’s the word? Accumulating more things than you have need of basically and the resistance to removing these things from your life.

I do believe, for some reason, at times, there is a stronghold keeping me from just getting to it. So much time is wasted when I should be creating items for my store. Silly. I would see a fabric, thinking I will want to toss it out and know I may never use it, then a thought creeps in my head, “But you wanted to do this with it or that.”

Thoughts would come to my memory of some useful purpose I had thought of at one time. I think it is a stronghold of procrastination. It is keeping me maybe from what God really wants me to do with my time. Now I pray each time I have to tackle my room that I am trying to reorganize and prepare for better use of space. It helps.

If I think of how I feel when I see more open space in my room, or how I don’t want to be like so many elder women I have known, pondering over their things with worry and confusion. They would stew over all her stuff, whether it be valuable or worthless because they had so much, they now had to find a place for it, other than the dumpster or making a donation. They were frantic about letting go.

Is that how I want to spend my time that is left here in this world? I would rather be working on a piano piece I want to perfect, or spend time in my gardens, or learn to crochet that Storm Trooper doll my son wanted.

I also love to please my husband and although he never complains about all my messes, never once has he ever lost his temper over such things, and he could have, I like how he responds when I have really freed up some space or got rid of some things to make our home more liveable. Most of us are paying rent or a mortgage so every square foot should be considered prime real estate.

Below shows my Sticky Note. It is a nice tool, but now I must act on what I have listed. I will think of a reward that I can give to myself when it is all completed, perhaps. Although, the satisfaction would be enough for me, and finally having room to create that guest bedroom!

Organize Sewing Workroom Space

-Buy 4-5 new bins with snap handle closures
-Take photos of fabric bolts I want to sell
-Post fabric on Etsy for sale from these photos
-Utilize top shelf in the closet with pillow inserts that I made
-Label all pillow insert bags showing dimensions and type of fill
-Clean out drawers in the dresser/cutting table that has anything in it unrelated to fabrics and sewing supplies.
-Designate items unrelated to another area, toss, or donate.

“For God is not a God of disorder but of peace.” (1 Corinthians 14:33)

Published by cushn4

I like to write for the pure enjoyment of writing short excerpts about life in general. I would want my writing to bring inspiration or encouragement to the faint-hearted or those looking for some direction, purpose, or meaning. I am searching daily for what it is God wants me to do and who he wants me to become. It is a growing pain for me. We all have something new we can learn and share with others.

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