When it Hurts to Say No

Maybe I am the problem.
Maybe the thing that brings me here has more to do with what I am doing than what I expect.
Am I an enabler? Am I really the weak one that seems to always give in when instead I should say “no”?

Maybe this is more about me.
Maybe the thing they do is because it has become a normal behavior I taught them over time.
Did I create this irritation in my life? Am I not the parent I should have been by taking the easy way and not anticipating consequences?

Maybe today is the day I will turn things around.
There is never a good time that works or is more convenient to tell this person whom I love what I must.
Will my decision be good for both of us? Does it matter that it will hurt some people?

I am hoping for all of us to come out stronger. All things in God’s hands. Can we ever come to a better understanding?
God asks us to let go of things and situations and even those we love so He can do a good work in them and in our own self.

Be strong and courageous because the way things are right now, ask yourselves, “Is it working?”

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” (Phillipians 4:13)

Published by cushn4

I like to write for the pure enjoyment of writing short excerpts about life in general. I would want my writing to bring inspiration or encouragement to the faint-hearted or those looking for some direction, purpose, or meaning. I am searching daily for what it is God wants me to do and who he wants me to become. It is a growing pain for me. We all have something new we can learn and share with others.

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