Timing is Everything

Why is timing everything? Why can’t it be just part of a thing? Why can’t it have nothing to do with anything? Well…because….when the timing seems to be just right it means everything to us. You get excited, because things only turn out perfectly, if the timing is right.

If the timing is not perfect you could pull the bread out too soon. It could be burnt if you are too late. Timing makes a difference in baking as well as other areas and things we do in our life. If you wait too long to change the oil, you could end up with engine problems. If you ask a question too soon, you may not get the answer you hoped for, “Will you marry me”?
If you wait too long, the results could still be the same…or not! It is all about timing.

We sometimes take timing too seriously, or take it for granted by thinking we have forever to do something. How long do you wait to say you are sorry? Does the one who you think did you wrong have to come to you first? How long can you hold onto resentment? Is it worth it? How does it feel when you hold your breath a long time? Don’t you prefer breathing?

For a child, timing is not even found in their vocabulary or senses. Someone has to tell them when it is time for anything. Time to bathe, time to brush your teeth, time to eat, time to go to bed. All other time is their own…to play, to nap, to fuss.

When a person anticipates something happening, and they get it right, wow…it is the most exhilarating feeling! All my babies were born on their due dates. I had three. I let my boss know, when pregnant with my third, that Friday would be my last day (as planned, since I did give him notice) to work, because Monday I would be in the hospital. (True story!) And I did.

Not always do we get the timing right and that happens to me anytime someone has a birthday. I always forget or have the wrong date in my head. I look at the calendar too late. You know how it goes if you aren’t on social media enough, where you get a pop-up to tell you that your friend had a birthday.

I am embarrassed to say my husband and I both, almost always forget our own anniversary. We are both alright with that, but at the same time, wonder why….and then just laugh about it. We are of the same mind that our marriage is celebrated “daily”.

We have timers on our ovens, timers on our phones, timers on our radio alarms that help us to be on time. I myself, only use a timer for my cooking. I am fortunate that time does not dictate to me when I am alone. Only if I have another person I need to cook for or babysit or if I have to get a sewing job done on time. I do have to plant seeds on time for my garden and be out before the hot sun hits to do some weeding.

The most favorite story I would like to share with you though, about timing, is when I was watching my grandson. He is soon to be 5, our youngest. I had brought a book to his house about Noah’s Ark. It was a fairly large board book with several pages. It was colorful and fun in that it had little flaps that you could open on the pages. The flap would open say a window in the ark and you would find some animal or item hidden behind it.

As my grandson was opening flaps, to discover the monkey or the hay or the blankets that Noah and his family had to bring into the ark, we were getting a few raindrops. They live in a neighborhood, with newly built homes. Trees were not mature trees enough to hide the sky view if you stepped outside to observe the weather. I love a rainy day so I am always observing on days such as this one.

To get to the main reason I started to write this post, before I loose you, my grandson turned to the final page of the book. There was a very large flap that almost covered the width of the page. It was of the sky that had clouds and rain but the ark was now landed on the side of a mountain. After months in the ark the earth was starting to show signs of land.

The rain outside too, was beginning to subside and I could see the sun was starting to peak through the clouds. Grandson opened the flap on the last page to see his favorite thing…the rainbow! What child does not like the rainbow? It was all a beautiful rainbow and sunshine now that transformed the page and brought an end to the story. Although, this was not the end but the beginning of “perfect timing”.

I was so excited because at the same time, the sun was filling the room and I ran to the window. I saw the lit up sky and remembered Noah’s own delight. I exclaimed to my grandson, “Let’s go outside and see…..the sun is coming out….there has to be a rainbow somewhere”! I scooped him up as if he could not walk by himself and carried him to the window. Sure enough…there was a rainbow in the sky and thought God planted it there today, perfectly timed, so he could see.

We stepped outside onto the porch and enjoyed the marvelous sight. I asked him, “Do you know why there is a rainbow in the sky? Do you know why God made the rainbow”? He shook his head and asked me why. I said,”God put that rainbow in the sky as a reminder of his promise to never send a flood to cover the earth again.”

Timing was everything in that moment. It brought his storybook to life that day. It was a practical application of our times and how it relates often, to the stories and events and things that God shares with us in the Bible. With God, the timing is always perfect. His timing is always worth the wait.

Did God send the rain that day on time, the clouds, my visit, the interest in the book that day…the clouds that parted…timed perfectly, the quiet house…no one else around? All things so perfect…so fun and exciting…that day, that moment, that child….and me.

I know people are hurting out there and suffering loss and heartache. Maybe you are in mourning for a loved one that is still with us, but has rejected you. Maybe there is someone or something you have been hoping for. You are tired of praying….but keep on keeping on and change your prayer “requests” to prayers of “thanksgiving”. He hears you. We don’t need to keep asking. He loves a grateful heart. “Thank you God for hearing me and thank you for knowing what is best for my life. Give me patience and a grateful heart no matter what your answer is or if I need to wait. Amen.”

Sometimes God says yes, as with Jacobs wife Rebecca who longed for a child. Sometimes God says no because he has a greater purpose in your life you can’t fully understand right now. Sometimes God says wait as Abraham and Sarah waited for Issac, as Moses waited for the promised land (he did not get to go into it, but he found it when he went to heaven).

Timing is everything and when it is the right time, for you to receive, or for you to learn why things were or are, as they are, even if that timing won’t be until you get to heaven, it will always the best time. God planned it that way because he loves you so much!

You receive the greatest joy, when things turn out as God planned it, not as we would want things to be. He knows best. He loves you the most and knows even before you ask….the desires of your heart! I am glad I am not in charge of my life. With him….He is.

“Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

“Before a word is on my tongue you, LORD, know it completely.” Psalm 139:4

Published by cushn4

I like to write for the pure enjoyment of writing short excerpts about life in general. I would want my writing to bring inspiration or encouragement to the faint-hearted or those looking for some direction, purpose, or meaning. I am searching daily for what it is God wants me to do and who he wants me to become. It is a growing pain for me. We all have something new we can learn and share with others.

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