Political Content on Unpolitical Business Website – Good or Bad Idea?

Sometimes I need to vent by sharing my views about the political scene of the day, even to my potential customers.

I know better, from experience, that not all social media is friendly towards some sides of any argument. You could be blocked or your page shut down for a bit. I don’t have to worry too much about the recourse I may get as far as my reputation goes, or how it effects my sales. I am unabashedly unknown to most people. My own website too, posting there, allows me more freedom to make a point to potential customers and visitors to my site. I like that because there are too many out there, uninformed about any political argument or debate those in power are having at any given moment in time.

I don’t loose much sleep after leaving a post even if it is provocative.

Provacativity seems to be my nature. Does that make me an angry person or just passionate about some things? Maybe both. It is usually the reason I post. I like to stir up a conversation and love it when it is my fault a long thread of comments develop. I can be a bit of a trouble maker you might say, at least among the very fragile folks out there. But not so much anymore since finding blogging much more reasonable. There are smart people here.

I have been locked out of social media before…no worries…they always take me back. It must be boring without me, I am thinking. They just give me a time out. Without a special code I have to call up for…I don’t get back in. They have to make me where a collar, you might say….so I never go back until the gate is open again and I can enter freely. I enjoy my freedom whether in my own country or online.

I have toned my posts down a bit and rarely reply to something that gets my goat and I have a strong opinion about. Now I just rein it in and move on. I don’t name-call, swear, nor am I rude on any post unless I don’t know that I did or was.

I love to have a dialog or feedback with the masses. I think it is why I like this platform. I can find anything to read that I get to comment on. Is that something sick about me? Am I just craving attention? I check daily….what can I read? Who can I encourage? What can I write about. This is becoming my new hobby.

I like to give input and receive a reaction to anything I write, no matter how poorly or how wrong I may be on any side of an argument. Unfortunately for me, I sometimes intertwine business with my politics. I interject it, when I think I might make a difference to how someone my think about a candidate or a policy or an ideology that will effect our lives. That to me is more important, and bigger than having a successful business. People know where I stand and then they can decide if they want to do business with me. That’s alright.

The year this president got elected I once signed my message to a potential customer, an acronym which they didn’t like. They let me have it, and scolded me for getting political on this particular platform (I won’t mention which one it was.). Yikes….I stepped into their “safe space” I guess. (See there I go again!) Needless to say, I let her know that our messages were “private” and I did not break any rules. I got to say what I wanted, because my private messages are private, and I can run my business as I choose. I told her because USA is free she too had the freedom to choose who she wanted to do business with or not.

I do have freedom but also get to absorb all the consequences, blame and take all the risk.
I lost the potential sale that person may have given me. But, as I always say…there is another sale just around the corner. I never held any animosity towards that person. I guess, in a sick way, I found the whole experience quite entertaining. It was no surprise to me that people are hypersensitive these days as we are so divided.

I realized a long time ago, that when you put yourself out there, you take a risk at loosing something. You have to decide which is worse….that which is taken from you or the wisdom or counsel or opinion you leave with others.

Rejection is not foreign to me. It doesn’t feel that cool to be snubbed or called out by your peers, friends and even family members. But, I like expressing myself openly. That way everyone knows where I stand and can avoid me if they want to.

Why does only the other side have the courage enough to let us know how they think? That is irritating to me! I can’t help myself, and really, do I have to here on this platform? Can’t I just be myself? Where can we just be ourselves anymore in America? Did I just offend someone…again?

I am always looking over my shoulder these days. Our language has changed, what is right…what is wrong…what is considered bullying or racist? Can’t we just love each other. Let’s all have a “DO OVER”! I can’t take it! I would be one person they would come for, should we ever have Communism in our nation. I have heard and seen worse said by others, even those in our leadership, but those things are now acceptable. The world is upside down.

I am sure I am not the only one that has posted something and quickly removed it the next day or within hours of posting. But, this time, I thought I would try and “save the world” by sharing my views (as if I thought they ever could save anyone) on the home page of my website. (It is gone now, so don’t bother going there. It is not why I am posting here today.)

Should a line be drawn,keeping politics off our site if our business is unrelated to politics?

Heaven help us if the government is going to make a law about that! But, is there a good recommendation or piece of advice I should follow? Can a business owner set their own rules about that….maybe placing such views in a separate area on the site, but not front and center, should they be so inclined. Now that’s an idea. I do love politics!

I know of a company that puts out a magazine for supplies (I won’t mention their name.) and the owner always has a statement to her buyers in the back insert of the magazine. It is often a response to the political climate or events in our nation, being a true patriot. I am always impressed, but then, this owner shares my views. I guess that makes it easier to buy from them even though the cost is higher than competitors. This company has moved out of our state to another with lower business taxes. No surprise!

My site is my business site, but not as busy and taking things a new direction. My goal is to sell my pillows I have in stock that I have made. I am not taking work so seriously anymore. Yet, I want to reach and help customers. It is just too much fun.

My post was more about the virus and all the violence we are seeing on the news every night. I just wanted to say something in support of our police. I just wanted to let people know that if you care about a person’s views more than you do the work that they do, in my case sewing, I would just make it easy for you to decide by putting myself out there.

It seems in every case, not just some, but all cases where the “other side” forms an opinion or thought or idea, it is taken to heart and there is no slander or name-calling or judgement. But, when the side I am on does, we are threatened, intimidated, accused of being some awful named group, arrested, put in jail, humiliated, our businesses boycotted, our Facebook pages taken down, our kids bullied, our memberships cancelled….etc. You get the point I am making.

Now that I am retired, now that I am older, I care less and less what people think of my views and opinions. But,I try to be kinder each day.

I think more about the ones that may learn something from me, those who are in the dark about truth, and how I can do my part to end the madness. If it cost me some sales, so be it. I don’t work for anyone, so I can’t loose my job.

All views should be heard. This is America. We need to have peaceful dialog. Protesting is allowed in our country. Burning buildings is not! Damaging property that is not yours is illegal, yet so many are getting away with it.

You can’t have laws and justice for some while evildoers run wild and free to do what they want, when they want. We either have law and order for all citizens or have no laws and reap neighborhoods bloodied and broken from law breakers. There is always more death when the rule of law no longer is being upheld. Who’s lives matter to you?

So, for several weeks I had my thoughts on the home page of my site. There was nothing vulgar or divisive or provocative but just thoughts about the virus and the chaos with all the violence on the news and how we all needed to come together….basically. I am sure some may have taken offense. It is human nature to not be perfect for all people all the time. It was not my intention.

Some people would say it is taboo to post a political thought, on your business website. You are taking a chance at loosing 25% of potential customers. That is just a guess. Well, for me, that would be only a loss of a nickle in sales, so I literally had nothing to loose. I was not getting any sales since I left my online platform where I had a storefront. Basically, I was only venting for my own sake of venting as my viewership is pathetic right now.

My family is all grown now and we don’t have the same last names so their reputations can’t be touched by anything I have to say about anything. I have lost some of them because of my views but that is up to them. I must be who I am. I can never be a fake anything.

The only thing I have learned is that it is important to have the facts and get the message I want to make out respectfully. I don’t mean politically correctly….that has helped none of us! I mean, to tell the truth backed by factual information from a credible source, and in the words in your heart and mind that best describes any situation or view you want to talk about.

Still….I think everyone has to do what they think is best and we are in tumultuous times so whatever that means to you, we are in the battle to win, or out of the battle to be at the mercy of any consequences our nation faces come November 2020.

I’ve never been one to play it safe unless in softball. I would never slide into a base no matter if it meant the game!

If your reputation is all that matters to you and the sales you bring in, I recommend not getting involved in this political climate. I have lost friends and family members and some I thought were friends now avoid me. OUCH! All because they didn’t like my views, not that I was rude or disrespectful when I put them out there on the internet.

If you are easily offended or can’t take a good debate, it would be better for you to just remain anonymous. Use a fictitious name, go only on sites to leave comments or just be a troll if you want to contribute to a thread.

My home page is changed now, with one-forth the political content it had. I actually feel better about that. I think I will need to find a more productive way to vent my rage and anger about political things that are tearing our country and all things beautiful about it apart. I watch less news too….it helps, yet want to be informed.

I am not smart enough to go into politics or to make too much of a big difference in the way things are.

But, there is something every one of us could do. I could write to a Congress person, Senator or Governor. I have written to our President. Does my voice matter? Maybe using my website as a way to send a message is alright, afterall and my small contribution.

I think otherwise, I may need to just learn to know how to keep business and politics separate. That takes a lot of discipline and self-control for me. I always think people want to know me fully when doing business with me. I usually get a feeling about some people, and then start opening up. I think we each need to do what feels comfortable. Being completely quiet would never feel comfortable for me.

A person in business needs to think what is more important to you. What is it that you can afford to loose? A few friends…..a big sale, your reputation or your voice? We all have a view point no matter what we are talking about. It comes from who we grew up with, our life experiences and the environment in which we live.

We may not all be the most educated or fluent in how we express our thoughts but we do have them. Unless we were not born with a brain, we can and do think for ourselves every day. And, I think it is in our God-given DNA that we all want to be heard. Even a baby cries when it is hungry or needs to be changed. Be your voice. I have always loved this quote:

β€œThe woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those who sang the best.”
― John James Audubon

Thank you for reading my post!

Published by cushn4

I like to write for the pure enjoyment of writing short excerpts about life in general. I would want my writing to bring inspiration or encouragement to the faint-hearted or those looking for some direction, purpose, or meaning. I am searching daily for what it is God wants me to do and who he wants me to become. It is a growing pain for me. We all have something new we can learn and share with others.

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