grandchild wearing sun hat-reversible-floral-on sale in my store
My 12th grandchild wearing the handmade reversible sun hat on sale in my store.
baby wearing reversible sun hat- red polka-dot side out

Welcome to my site.

I love to create and make things children enjoy, teachers can use in classrooms and parents will find useful for their home and families.

With over 40 years sewing, I have accumulated a huge quantity in my workroom. I have yards of fabric on bolts, supplies I no longer need, scraps of high-end types of fabric, long strips of bias for piping and more.

Attention to detail is my specialty. Quality made and customer satisfaction is my goal!

I tried having a shop on ______ but it didn’t make sense to stay there. Fees took all my profit and who wants to sell just for the sake of selling for no gain. Small shops do their best to stay clear. You can’t compete.

Another reason I left _____ is you can’t report sellers who sell perverted items and even merchandise that promotes hostility such as death and darkness or sexual content, profanity, etc. _____ has changed in the last 5-10 years. They didn’t use to be like this. : (

(I removed the name of the platform by just putting in an underline (______) because I don’t want to be a mean person.)

I do have dreams and organizations I like to support just like anyone, so I do appreciate your patronage!

Why buy from me? I found these reviews on a simple bag for students that teachers used. Have you ever had to leave this kind of review because of low quality manufactured goods?

This will explain why people need me:

I am planning to make some folders for teachers to try out on their students to replace what you would find on the website where I found these reviews. I will keep you posted. Contact me if you are a teacher that would like to see a sample when I am finished with them.

How many more of your wasted dollars will support low grade manufacturers that most likely come from China?

~~ C. Silverberg

chameleon puppet
rhino puppet

You will find used books , totes, pillow covers, and inserts, fabric, doll clothes and recently sun hats and bucket hats for kids, and more!

Our youngest granddaughter (at the top of this page) is modeling my pink floral reversible sun hat on sale in my store.

Do you need to know more about fabric? Contact me if you need help deciding on fabric for any of your projects.

We accept PayPal payments or checks. Checks must clear before shipping. USA only.


IF YOU NEED A REFERRAL for a larger sewing project I highly recommend my friend Marion:
Marion can help you with cushions, window treatments and other big projects that I have grown out of doing these days. Visit her Etsy shop to see what lovely things she has made for customers.

This site was last updated: September 19, 2021

Thank you for taking the time to visit!

Text: 651-245-0644

~~ Cathy Silverberg